shalan joudry

Shalan Joudry is a narrative artist, ecologist, and mother, as well as a poet, playwright, podcaster, oral storyteller, actor, and cultural interpreter. She lives with her family in their community of L’sɨtkuk (Bear River First Nation, Nova Scotia). Her first book of poetry, Generations Re-merging, was published in 2014.

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Generations Re-merging
shalan joudry

2014 / Poetry / $18.95
9781554471355 / Trade paper / 64 pp

“Each generation must make their own / journey through a thick terrain” starts Generations Re-merging, a collection of poems which explores the complex tangle of intergenerational relationships and cultural issues encountered by a Mi’kmaw woman in the modern context, “where every moment / is the loss of something.” Alert to the fragility of community and culture, and to the pervasive threats against the natural and social environments which have traditionally fostered them, shalan joudry writes with lucidity of the challenge of confronting these global issues personally on her home ground, and of honouring the hope of past generations by renewing it in the present.

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