Christopher Patton

Christopher Patton’s first book, Ox, was a finalist for the BC Book Prize in Poetry. His second, Jack Pine, was cited by the Globe & Mail as one of the ten best children’s books of the year. He divides his time between Salt Lake City, where he is completing a doctorate at the University of Utah, and Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.

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Curious Masonry
Christopher Patton

2011 / Poetry / $15.95
9781554470938 / Trade paper / 48 pp

Christopher Patton’s translations from the Exeter Book—a volume of Old English poetry used, over centuries, to store gold foil for illumination of texts thought more meaningful—draw the poems into a modern idiom without quieting their unearthly strangeness. His sense of their passage through time also yields "Hearth," a take on "The Earthwalker" that uses type and white space, speech and silence, to embody the "play of duration and flux" consuming both the physical manuscript, and the worried, reflective speakers of its poems.

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