Michael Goodfellow

Michael Goodfellow’s poems have appeared in the Literary Review of Canada, The Dalhousie Review, CV2, Prairie Fire, Verse Daily, Reliquiae, Riddle Fence, The Cortland Review and Juniper. In his spare time he grows garlic and tends to an old house on a small waterfront acre in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia.

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Naturalism, An Annotated Bibliography
Michael Goodfellow

2022 / Canadian Poetry / $19.95
9781554472390 / Trade paper / 80 pp

The poems in Naturalism, an Annotated Bibliography survey the totemic elements of rural life, a world where wells go dry, rains flood brooks and basements, and maintenance only ever slows the inevitable decline. But there’s resilience as well, in garlic scapes, rosehips, winter birds, old houses and books, and love. Goodfellow’s spare style and sensitivity to the way people, objects, and places fuse together through time give these poems the surefootedness of a thing rooted in the earth.

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