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Andrew Steeves is a writer, editor, typographer, letterpress printer and publisher, and the co-founder (with Gary Dunfield) of Gaspereau Press. He has won over 50 citations for excellence in Canadian book design and received the 2021 Lieutenant Governor’s Masterworks Arts Award with Alexander MacLeod for their collaboration on the letterpress book Lagomorph.

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Glenn Goluska in Toronto
Andrew Steeves

2016 / Printing History / Biography / $75.00
9781554471591 / Fine / 24 pp

Edition is out of print

The text of this book is based on a 2011 interview given by book designer and letterpress printer Glenn Goluska. In his narrative, Goluska reflects on the Toronto typographic scene of the late 1970s and early 1980s. This was a period of both technological chaos and extraordinary innovation in the typographic trade, as metal type and letterpress printing equipment were discarded in favour of a succession of photo- and digital-based type composition systems. Goluska describes his immersion in Toronto’s thriving small press avant guard, from his friendships with typographers Stan Bevington, Robert MacDonald and William Rueter to his work with authors Margaret Atwood, Michael Ondaatje, bpNichol and Robert Kroetsch.

Born in Chicago, Glenn Goluska (1947–2011) studied modern languages at the University of Toronto. After establishing his reputation typesetting books at Toronto’s infamous Coach House Press in the late 1970s, Goluska went on to found his own letterpress imprints (Imprimerie Dromadaire and Nightshade Press) and to design for both the Canadian Centre for Architecture and McGill-Queen’s University Press in Montreal. In 2011, he was awarded the Alcuin Society of Canada’s Robert R. Reid Award for his outstanding contribution to the book arts in Canada. His Linotype, press and type are now employed by Andrew Steeves at Gaspereau Press.

Detailed Specification: The book was composed in Sem Hartz’s Juliana typeface on Goluska’s model 31 Linotype, with an assortment of wood type on the title page and jacket. The text was printed from the metal using a Vandercook 219 ABP cylinder press and handmade paper from the now-closed Imago Paper Mill in California. (The paper remained from a batch purchased by Goluska in the early 1980s to print My Sam, a limited edition book commissioned in memory of Samuel Bronfman.) The sheets were folded and collated making 24 pages, then hand sewn into a black card stock cover with black linen thread. The cover was decorated with an ornament designed for Linotype by W.A. Dwiggins, printed in silver using Goluska’s Vandercook Universal I AB cylinder press. The bound books were enfolded in a grey text-weight paper made in Germany by Zerkall. The jacket was printed in four colours using wood and metal type. All of these tasks were personally carried out by Andrew Steeves at Gaspereau Press. The edition was limited to 100 numbered copies.

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