Andrew Steeves

Andrew Steeves is a writer, editor, typographer, letterpress printer and publisher, and the co-founder (with Gary Dunfield) of Gaspereau Press. He has won over 50 citations for excellence in Canadian book design and received the 2021 Lieutenant Governor’s Masterworks Arts Award with Alexander MacLeod for their collaboration on the letterpress book Lagomorph.

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A Prospectus for a Wood Type Edition of Gerard Manley Hopkins’s ‘Pied Beauty’
Andrew Steeves

2021 / Essay / $25.00
Fine / 12 pp

This short essay describes the inspiration for making a limited-edition of Gerard Manley Hopkins’s celebrated poem ‘Pied Beauty’ that is set in 18-line plain gothic wood type (to be released in December 2021). The prospectus includes a traditional ‘pretty little arrangement’ of the poem by way of contrast to the forthcoming book, as well as production notes and specifications.

Production details: Typeset in Linotype Sabon, Linotype Walbaum and wood type. The main section is printed in black on Zerkall mouldmade paper, folded and trimmed to 5.25 × 8.5 inches making eight pages. A slightly smaller folio insert is sewn into the centre, printed in black, green, brown and blue on taupe-coloured Saint Armand Old Masters handmade paper. Edition of 130 copies bound in a black paper cover with black printed endpapers and enfolded in a brown Saint Armand Old Masters handmade paper wrapper printed in black. The envelope is printed in black, brown and blue.

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