Harry Thurston

Harry Thurston is an award-winning poet and journalist whose environmental writing has been published in Audubon, Canadian Geographic, and National Geographic. Thurston lives in Tidnish Bridge, Nova Scotia, and is a Mentor in the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction program at University of King’s College.

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If Men Lived on Earth
Harry Thurston

2000 / Poetry / $14.95
9781894031226 / Trade paper / 152 pp

Edition is out of print

After a fifteen-year hiatus, If Men Lived On Earth heralds the return of Atlantic Canada’s premier nature writer to his first love—poetry. Mining the image-rich mythologies and landscapes of his Maritime home, Thurston demonstrates a passionate understanding of both human society and the natural world with which it is intertwined. From the Bay of Fundy to the Galapagos Islands, Thurston takes us on a journey of discovery, charting our terrestrial location with an accuracy unmatched by any global positioning satellite. These poems embody an intimate understanding of what it is to be truly both of and on the earth.
If Men Lived On Earth is the glorious fruit of one man’s articulate contemplations of the real—nature, mortality, everything that ignores theories.” George Elliott Clarke, Halifax Sunday Herald

There is also a special edition of the book: 9781894031233

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Harry Thurston

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