Harry Thurston

Harry Thurstons most recent poetry collections include The Deer Yard (with Allan Cooper) and Animals Of My Own Kind. His environmental writing has been published in many of North Americas leading magazines, including Audubon, Canadian Geographic and National Geographic. He has been awarded numerous writing prizes in both Canada and the United States, including the Sigurd Olson Nature Writing Award, the Lane Anderson Award and the Evelyn Richardson Literary Award. Thurston lives in Tidnish, Nova Scotia.

Allan Cooper

Allan Cooper has published a dozen books of poetry, including, The Alma Elegies, Gabriels Wing and Singing the Flowers Open. He has twice won the Alfred G. Bailey Award for poetry and received the Peter Gzowski Award in 1994. He is the founder of Owls Head Press and has been the editor of the intermittently-published literary journal Germination since 1982, when he took it over from Harry Thurston. Cooper is also a songwriter and performer. His recent musical projects include Rosedale and Songs for a Broken World. He lives in Alma, New Brunswick.

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The Deer Yard
Harry Thurston, Allan Cooper

2013 / Poetry / $17.95
9781554471201 / Trade paper / 64 pp

In the winter of 2009, Harry Thurston travelled to Campbell River on Vancouver Island to serve a term as writer-in- residence in the former home of the renowned fisherman and environmentalist Roderick Haig-Brown. While there, he and his longtime friend Allan Cooper embarked on a poetic correspondence; Thurston would send his Campbell River poems east and Cooper would reply. In this, they were consciously following the model of the Wang River Sequence, a poetic correspondence written by the Chinese poets Wang Wei and Pei Ti over 1200 years ago. Our poetry separately has always been rooted deeply in the natural world, writes Thurston. Like many other Western poets, we have looked to the East, to classical Chinese poetry, as one model to best express our relationship with what we now call the environment, a no less reverential term than Nature. The resulting twenty-one poems are reflective and richly imagistic, chronicling a single winter season as experienced by two writers on opposite Canadian coasts.

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